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Welcome to the ClusterFactory Documentation

ClusterFactory is an open-source Kubernetes-based infrastructure orchestrator that automates the process of deploying, managing and monitoring compute-optimized clusters from bare metal servers to VMs and containers.

ClusterFactory brings together best-in-class solutions from the HPC, Cloud, and DevOps industries to manage a cluster in a declarative way in combination with the GitOps practice.

This allows to be:

  • Performance-oriented: Integrates a key-in-hand HPC stack including Slurm, MPI, DFS, etc.
  • Highly configurable: With Helm, all configuration is done in a single values.yaml file.
  • Repeatable: With Argo CD following GitOps practices, all states are specified declaratively and saved in a Git repository.
  • Highly available: With Kubernetes, container scheduling is automatically ensured and easy to set up.
  • Simple: A single descriptive YAML per application, with Argo CD to automatically updates the application.
  • Long-term maintainability: Easy to deploy, update, backup and restore with K0s.

For more information about creating a full Kubernetes cluster, see the Getting Started.

Community Support

  • Community Discord - Request for support and help from the ClusterFactory community.
  • GitHub Issues - Submit your issues and feature requests via GitHub.

We welcome your help in building ClusterFactory! If you are interested, we invite you to check out the Contributing Guide.