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Build an OS Image with Packer

SquareOS Image

Configuring and Launching Packer

The packer-recipes directory inside the git repository contains examples of Packer configuration files.

"variables": {
"boot_wait": "3s",
"disk_size": "50G",
"iso_checksum": "fe77cc293a2f2fe6ddbf5d4bc2b5c820024869bc7ea274c9e55416d215db0cc5",
"iso_url": "",
"memsize": "2048",
"numvcpus": "4"
"builders": [
"type": "qemu",
"accelerator": "kvm",
"communicator": "none",
"boot_command": [
"<up><tab><bs><bs><bs><bs><bs> ",
"inst.ks=http://{{ .HTTPIP }}:{{ .HTTPPort }}/ks.bare.cfg ",
"boot_wait": "{{ user `boot_wait` }}",
"disk_size": "{{ user `disk_size` }}",
"iso_url": "{{ user `iso_url` }}",
"iso_checksum": "{{ user `iso_checksum` }}",
"headless": true,
"cpus": "{{ user `numvcpus` }}",
"memory": "{{ user `memsize` }}",
"vnc_bind_address": "",
"http_directory": "http",
"shutdown_timeout": "3h",
"qemuargs": [["-serial", "stdio"]]

When running Packer, the process is the following:

  • Launch a HTTP server that serves the http directory.
  • Launch a VM and a VNC session.
  • Boot on the ISO and enter the boot_command to load the RedHat Kickstart file from HTTP.
  • Run the Kickstart RedHat file. This file automates the installation process of the OS.
  • Shut down the VM.

Configure the installation process by editing the http/ks.bare.cfg.

The packages and post blocks are probably what you are interested in.

Run packer with:

packer build -var "numvcpus=12" -var "memsize=23609" compute.bare.json

Extracting the kernel, initramfs and create a squashfs for Grendel

There the script which can help you extract the kernel, initramfs and create a squashfs.

You must run it by root.
# Mount the disk
source ./scripts-local/setup-nbd

# Extract initramfs and kernel

# Squash the image
OUTPUT=squareos-8.6.squashfs ./scripts-local/squash-root

# Unmount the disk
source ./scripts-local/teardown-nbd