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K0s, the Kubernetes distribution for bare-metal

Further information can be found on their website:

The reasons we are using k0s instead of kubeadm, k3s, ...:

  • It's light and customizable via a single YAML file, in a declarative way, therefore we can store the configuration of the whole cluster inside a git repository.
  • It allows HA, multi-node and single node deployment.
  • It runs with a single binary, k0s.
  • It's open-source, including cfctl.
  • It's a vanilla Kubernetes meaning it gets updated fast.
  • It allows easy upgrade, backup and restores.

ClusterFactory aims to be an orchestrator for many various workloads, including bare-metal and cloud workloads. Maintainability, ease of use, and declarative configuration are the keys to good long-term development. And that's exactly what k0s brings us.