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1. Requirements and recommendations


Node requirements

All nodes should be accessible via SSH.

All nodes should have a Linux distribution with:

  • The Linux kernel version higher than 3.10.
  • An init system based on SystemD or OpenRC.

ClusterFactory has been fully tested on Rocky Linux which is our recommended OS.

Required utilities

  • cfctl, for deployment, backing up, and upgrading of the Kubernetes cluster.
  • kubectl, for managing your Kubernetes cluster.
  • kubeseal, for encrypting the secrets.
  • helm, for Helm chart template.

There is a script inside the scripts directory to install and set up a working environment.

Just run:

. ./scripts/setup-env

The binaries are stored inside the bin directory and the PATH is automatically set.

We recommend:

  • VSCode. Any IDE with YAML support is a good alternative.
  • Lens to manage your Kubernetes cluster.

Before using ClusterFactory, it is strongly advised to have a comprehensive understanding of how Kubernetes operates, specifically with regard to storage and network management using features such as PersistentVolume, StorageClass, Service, Ingresses, LoadBalancer, and more."

To try a "mini" version of Kubernetes we recommend k0s or minikube.